TellerEXPRESS brings a wide variety of products and equipment for sale, lease, and no-cost placement to Grocery and Convenience Stores, Doctors Offices, Nail Salons, Gas Stations, and more.  TellerEXPRESS sells new ATM machines, refurbished ATM machines, ATM parts, and much more.   We repair everything we sell and perform warranty service for Tranax, Hyosung, and Triton Equipment.  We specialize in ATM installation that frighten our competition, like outdoor kiosks and ....

We carry a large selection of new and used ATM parts for Tranax, Triton, and, Hyosung.  Our product list continues to grow so contact us for the latest details on products.

New and Pre-owned ATMs

Purchase an ATM cash machine today and start earning additional income right away!

With your ATM there is immediate income and virtually no overhead.  Your ATM works for you 24/7 and can result in earnings totaling as much as 100% of the surcharge fee amount per transaction.

Your ATM will also not only generate additional revenue, but will increase your overall foot-traffic, resulting in additional sales as well.

This is a lucrative investment with immediate income so call today and start increasing your profits today by owning your own ATM cash machine.

Contact TellerEXPRESS today for the latest list of new and pre-owned ATMs and ATM accessories.

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Mobile ATM

We build custom Mobile ATMs from single unit trailers to multiple ATM truck mounted solutions for all outdoor events. Our company is dedicated to providing personalized and customized solutions for any temporary events.  We work with you throughout the design process to build the ATM that will provide you with years of reliable service.  We also rent temporary service ATMs and Mobile ATMs. 

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Credit Card, Gift Cards, and Loyalty Cards

TellerEXPRESS carries the latest brands of VeriFone terrestrial and cellular based credit and pre-paid terminals. Create your own Gift and Loyalty card programs for $9.95 per month. Customize your program to meet your needs. For more information download our fact sheet Gift and Loyalty Card Program

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Remote Deposit Capture

TellerEXPRESS gives businesses the ability to deposit checks into a bank account from one's home or office without having to physically deliver the actual check to the bank.  This is known as Remote Deposit Capture (RDC).  This is accomplished by scanning a digital image of a check onto a computer, then transmitting that image to the bank--a practice that became legal in the United States in 2004 when the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (or Check 21) took effect.

RDC saves time and money because businesses who use it no longer have to send an employee or a courier to take their checks to the bank. Another potential benefit is that it cuts down on paperwork, and therefore reduces the chances of making mistakes or losing checks in the process of depositing them. Bounced checks also show up faster when processed through remote deposit.

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Outside and Through-the-Wall ATMs and Kiosks

We have a variety of styles and brands for any type of ATM. The majorities are new and can be customized in size, color, and your institution’s logos. Please call or send us an email to let us know your needs.

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Communication Equipment

TellerEXPRESS carries a full line of telecommunication equipment to connect virtually any ATM or Credit Card terminals via all communication technologies.  Let our experience help you increase your transactions, reduce your cost, or connect to a remote location.  We use all technologies: POTS, Wi-Fi, Cellular, or a combination to provide mono and bi-directional communication with your terminal.

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