From ATM and Credit Card processing to journal storage, TellerEXPRESS provides a unique set of services for ATM, Check Cashing, Gift Card, Prepaid and Phone Cards. 

At TellerEXPRESS, we have built our reputation on the integrity and response-time.  We offer have the best prices in the business and find solutions where others have failed.  We can provide you with high quality, original manufacturer parts, used and refurbished assemblies or we can refurbish your existing equipment and return it to service at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Temporary ATM Service

Have an upcoming carnival, fair, or festival?  TellerEXPRESS provides temporary ATM service for events with 100 – 50000 people.  Having an ATM at your sports event or carnival will increase sales and insure your vendors will return next year. 

Reserving a temporary ATM for your event is easy! Please call 1.877.ATM.SOURCE or simply send and email to sales@TellerEXPRESS.com.  One of our Event ATM specialists will contact your to discuss your ATM needs.

Route Licenses

Let TellerEXPRESS get you started with your own ATM business!

Are you looking to supplement your income?  Do you want to earn extra money in your spare time?  TellerEXPRESS has ATM routes available from San Francisco to Salinas.  New routes become available throughout the year.  Let our experience get you started in the ATM and Merchant Services Business.  Don’t be fooled by the competitors “Distribution” programs.  Our Licensees own their equipment and control their destiny.  You are not building someone else’s business;  you are building your own!

  • No Franchise Fees
  • Earn Income while you sleep
  • Work a few hours per week
  • Proven Residual Income
  • New locations that you find are yours to keep
  • Monitor your ATMs online from home
  • ATMs can call your cell phone or send you an email if there is a problem
  • TellerEXPRESS handles all the back-office (terminal setup, installation, check writing, tax forms, etc.) operational requirements so you can focus on your customers

When you become a member of the TellerEXPRESS family, you join a growing team of employees, manufacturers and processors relationships focused on one goal...Success!  Supported by a company committed to the latest technology and expansion of its select ATM and Credit Card network, you will benefit from TellerEXPRESS's unique and extensive ATM solution and experience. TellerEXPRESS Licensees have succeeded in offering TellerEXPRESS ATM solutions to customers in many diverse industries all over the US.

At TellerEXPRESS, our Licensees are a key element in our ability to serve the ATM marketplace. At TellerEXPRESS Licensee offers you strategic, technological and solutions-based products and services - extending your reach and value. We believe that building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships are integral to our success as a company. As a demonstration of our commitment to you, our Route Licensee program that provides the tools, the knowledge, and history of solid income producing ATM locations necessary for you to be successful.

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Bank and Financial Institution Branding
Bank Outsourcing and Branding

TellerEXPRESS is one of the few ATM companies that provide Bank Branding and Outsourcing Program to Financial institutions.

We are proud to offer a turnkey solution where we manage and operate your ATMs with expert efficiency, helping you reduce expenses while providing an expanded network for your customer base and brand awareness for your institution. TellerEXPRESS is offering our bank partners the option of branding any of ATMs to increase your exposure in target areas in California or across the US or the option to outsource current ATM locations in an effort to decrease costs and lower maintenance liabilities.

Our reputation for reliability and dependiability is the best in the business – TellerEXPRESS manages throughout the Bay Area and with our strategic relationships we can offer ATM branding throughout the country.

Because there are so many services associated with operating an ATM, including deployment, monitoring, and armored car support, it is not uncommon for Financial Institutions to find themselves struggling to justify unprofitable ATMs in their offsite premise portfolios.  TellerEXPRESS can help.

TellerEXPRESS full-service option:

  • Free surcharge to members of your financial institution
  • Offsite ATM locations for your customers
  • ATMs branded with your bank name and logo
  • Cash replenishment services
  • 24 hour machine monitoring and maintenance
  • Outdoor Signage (banners and signs)
  • Advertising on ATM screen and receipts

TellerEXPRESS is able to operate terminals at a lower cost than a bank and pass on those savings to our partners. This allows for banks to reallocate equipment to more profitable locations without relinquishing any market share.

TellerEXPRESS can partner with banks that have taken on an ATM placement that underperforms but provides the goodwill and public exposure needed. TellerEXPRESS can provide any one of the above services to help decrease cost for maintaining these locations.

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ATM Processing

  • You have you own login and account. 
  • You monitor each and every transaction in real-time. 
  • The ATM will contact you by text or email when there is a problem.
  • Connect by telephone, cellular, Wi-Fi, or internet to our processing network
  • Daily ACH deposit of vault cash and surcharge fee. You keep all of the transaction revenue generated
  • Delivery and installation of new equipment, removal of old equipment, and no interruption in service.
  • No monthly, statement or equipment fees.
  • Free ATM supplies including updated network decals and signage.
  • ADA, Triple DES, and Visa EPP compliant equipment.
  • Online reporting service: Terminal Setup, daily transactions, funds deposited, real-time report, Reg E Claims, etc.

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ATM Transaction Journal Store and Submission


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Credit Card Processing


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Gift, Phone, and Prepaid Card processing


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Warranty Repairs and Service

ATM Maintenance
TellerEXPRESS has many maintenance programs to choose from:  We offer simple 24/7 phone support to real-time and proactive support of your equipment to maximize your ATM uptime. To ensure uptime, we stock a tremendous inventory of replacement parts. When you are having an ATM issue, we usually are notified before you need to call.  We bring replacement parts in case they need to be replaced. Preventive maintenance is included with all of our maintenance options.  We keep your ATM equipment up-to-date with the latest firmware and software revision to keep it running smoothly.

Time & Materials Service
If you would like to pay as you go, we provide Time & Materials Service. You don’t need to process with us like our competitors.  If you are happy with your current transaction processor, keep them; we will be happy to service your equipment. We offer discounts and maintenance to meet all your needs.

Upgrades – With our extensive inventory of parts, and with our experienced team, we can provide both software and hardware upgrades for all ATMs. Whether you would like a better cash dispenser or fix that pesky error message we are here to help. Our goal is 24-hour response time and minimal downtime.

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Cash Replenishment

TellerEXPRESS will coordinate and manage cash replenishment of your ATMs.  We provide the cash, reporting, maintenance, and handling the customer.  We have relationships throughout the country to handle cash-replenishment needs.  In most case, using TellerEXPRESS cash-replenishment will provide you with more uptime and increase ATM traffic than when you were filling it yourself.

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We install ATMs, surrounds, and through-the-wall ATMS, credit cards, and Remote Deposit terminals as well as signs and telecommunication equipment throughout North America.

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ATM Leasing

Are you looking for a low monthly, or quarterly payment, and a newer ATM every three to five years? Owning an ATM machine is easier than ever with the TellerEXPRESS leasing program. Our low rates make it easy for anyone to afford an ATM machine for their business.  Choose our easy 36, 48, or 60-month terms are very flexible. In addition, at the end of your lease we continue that flexibility by allowing you to purchase your leased ATM, upgrade to a new ATM machine or continue your lease

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Cellular Credit Card and ATM modems/routers


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